Monthly Game Night @ 6 pm


Pizza and Games Provided

We love getting together for tasty food, fun games, and good company. Join us any time as we gather together- church members and community members alike!

 Each month there is pizza, beverages, and plenty of games! All you need to do is come by. You are always welcome to bring a beverage, snack, or game to share if you'd like to. 


It's not just Monopoly anymore; There's a whole new world of tabletop games!

 We tend to play laid back, often silly, games, but we dabble in most genres. We love to try new options! Have a game you love and don't know anyone else who likes to play? Bring it along and you'll probably find someone interested. Have no idea what games you might like? We have a variety to choose from! 

We have played- Uno, Dixit, Telestrations, Ticket to Ride, What am I?, Dominos, Aggravation, Forbidden Island, Betrayal at House on the Hill, The Game of Things, Name 5, dice games, Kings in the Corner,

and many more!